Test and Survey Maker. Easy.

Create and give tests and surveys online or print them to paper. Try PeopleTest. It's packed with features that put you in full control from start to finish.

Flexible Process Flow

Transforming the way you get answers

Create tests and surveys tailored to your needs, no matter how large or small your group or audience.

PeopleTest seamlessly guides you from your first question to your latest set of results, providing you with lots of useful features and options along the way. Ask the questions you want to ask. Get the answers you need. Review responses with less effort.

Simply great features

PeopleTest allows you to create, deploy, and review tests and surveys in less time.

Test and survey software that is affordable and comes packed with features? We've got you covered! Save valuable time and money while focusing on what really matters - analyzing results and making data-driven decisions.

Flexible Question Editor

In addition to ordinary text, the question editor allows you to include formulas, images, links, and YouTube videos. There's also support for LaTeX math syntax for creating roots, fractions, and more.

Launch Online or Print

Take advantage of the options and automation that come along with launching your test or survey online. Prefer to print? Tests and surveys are printable, including answer keys for tests.

Automatic & Manual Scoring

Objective test questions are scored automatically while subjective test questions require your review. You have the ability to change points credited for any response at any time.

Online Cheat Detection

Use cheat detection for online tests to detect when users change tabs, navigate away, click outside of the test window, or even open another application or browser.

Timed or Untimed

Choose to put a time limit on your online tests and surveys or keep them untimed. Timed tests and surveys will automatically end when time expires.

Take it with you

PeopleTest is a progressive web app. Install it on your mobile device from the website and use it use it like an app when you're on the go.

Your questions, your way


Write and store an unlimited number of questions. Enjoy support for formulas, images, LaTeX math syntax, and more.


Keep things organized with your own categories. Use tags to fine tune and even add notes for your own reference.

Take Control

Choose questions and select from a wide variety of options to launch your test or survey online — or print to paper.

Support for 9 Question Types:
  • Multiple-Choice

  • True or False

  • Select All that Apply

  • Matching

  • Put the List in Order

  • Fill-in-the-Blank(s)

  • Short Answer

  • Long Answer (Essay)

  • Rate 1-10 (surveys only)


PeopleTest for success

Successful students and informed, well-trained employees are good for business, plain and simple.

Benefit from Regular Testing

Regular testing encourages growth and development while reinforcing important subject matter. Maximize teaching and learning to ensure proficiency and mastery of key concepts important to success.

Benefit from Conducting Surveys
  • Strengthen relationships with clients and customers by showing them that their opinions matter to you. Make actionable changes from feedback you collect.

  • Find out what's working, what's not, and where you should be focusing your resources.

Priced for everyone

Ready to get started? PeopleTest is very afforable and offers a 100% free trial that never expires. The trial lets you try all features; you just won't be able to give the tests and surveys you create.

When you're set to go live, we have pricing plans for every need and budget.

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